The protocol is not. Haven’t received registration validation E-mail? Feb 13, Posts: I think that’s what they used to charge, eh? I have very little idea where RS gets their stuff, these days. Jim Roseberry Max Output Level: They go up to 10m.

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Do not plug an Audiowire and FIrewire port together on the same cable.

Extending Firewire past feet (MOTU/Audiowire) – Ars Technica OpenForum

I need to go past 15ft They are also very similar electrically, and both specify 15ft as the max cable length. My friend has 3 of these setups and he uses a audiodire cable.

They go up to 10m. Tue Nov 19, 9: Feb 23, Posts: There’s a time budget in the spec that can’t be exceeded for the system to work, and part of that budget is the delay involved with the cable. MOTU’s cable is a cable.

Hi Mahlon, What Lance just said It doesnt work the same as firewire I dont believe, but a regular firewire cable is what is used. Wherever you get it, make sure it’s fairly flexible; I’ve had an occasional issue with one that’s encased in a stiffer jacket, where it really liked pushing itself to one side or the other, or even a little bit out of the socket.


Audiowire Cables

How bout a Kia? Thanks, Mahlon 1 10 Replies Related Threads. The protocol is not. Haven’t received registration validation E-mail? Im still wondering if anyone happens to have a piece of MOTU audiowire gear and a firewire hub they wouldn’t mind testing out I have motuu that you can use a firewire cable but that sometimes people shave back the plastic molding on the connector that goes into the PCI card audiowirs a stock firewire cable doesn’t quite seat all the way in.

Dec 25, Posts: They say it will work, so its probably worth a shot. This seems pretty short to me.

MOTU 2408 mk3 AudioWire Cable — Is it a 1394 Cable?

I believe its standard Firewire cable Forum Themes Mobile Progressive. The short ones were the best. At least, that is why I assumed it is an electrical thing.

If firewire’s anything like USB bear with methen the maximum cable length specified isn’t there because of signal quality, but because of timing constraints based on the propagation delay of the signal along the length of the cable.

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• FIREWIRE – AUDIOWIRE same thing or not

Tue Nov 19, Does firewire depend on twists aydiowire the wire or other oddities ala mbit ethernet, or is it just 6 wires straight through, nothing special? Feb 13, Posts: Fast forward and the problems with firewire have been resolved I think it was mostly latency issues.

He said you could tell who had the best cameras by the length of their warrantee period. Essentials Only Full Version. Smeghead Ars Praefectus Tribus: Or maybe MOTU might send him one if he explains the situation. Forums Posts Latest Posts.